Islam apparently behind Boston bombing

This crossed my Zite feed this morning.     Can’t express how frustrating it is to see a blog about the importance of understanding of data and information in support of evolution is blaming religion for the attacks last week before the facts are in.    

Television — Mike and Molly and Big Bang Theory

Perhaps I was just in one of those moods, but my wife and I watched some saved up DVR crap this morning, and two of those shows were shows people keep telling us we need to watch, Mike and Molly and the Big Bang Theory.   

I walked away from both thinking that I probably would have enjoyed them if I were a laugh track.   

I’d seen Big Bang a few times before and found it mildly amusing, but nowhere near the laugh riot it was supposed to be.   And Mike and Molly seemed to be an excuse to rattle off some fat jokes and sight gags at the expense of the two main leads.  

We then followed it with a dose of Modern Family and I realized the difference.   Big Bang and Mike and Molly are merely joke vehicles.   They are not designed to emulate anything remotely resembling real life and therefore the jokes rise and fall on the jokes themselves, which were simply not that amusing and relied too much on trying to get away with dirty jokes than actual humor.  It seemed a lot like Chuck Lorre’s Two and A Half Men, except less funny.  

Anyway, I’m not too disappointed about not adding two new shows to our list of things to watch, but I was kind of disappointed the shows seemed so flat.  

New iPhone is an Apple Fail

With Amazon creating a compelling tablet (or more importantly, a compelling price for one) and Android phones picking up steam, yesterday’s Apple announcement sounded like treading water. While the iPhone and the iPad are great products, Apple’s lack of real forward progress this year is troubling, especially the failure to incorporate 4G. If Amazon can manage to turn the Fire into a decent user experience and Android tablets and phones continue their forward progress, we may see Apple start to fade as a dominant force in both industries.

Be true to yourself

In 40 years I don’t know that I’ve ever really been true to myself.   I’ve spent so much time trying to please, not offend, or simply attract the attention of others that I’m not sure who I am.   Never spend so much time on who think others want you to be that you don’t ever pay attention to who you really are.    

Unless this post bothers you.  Then forget all of that.   I didn’t mean it.  

It’s U of L vs UK Day

Governor's CupIt’s an important day here in Kentucky when people who barely finished high school cheer on two woefully bad college football teams in the Kentucky Wildcats and Louisville Cardinals to see who can be less mediocre.

I’ve lived here 36 years and still do not understand the “rivalry” which is less Yankees/ Red Sox and more Jets/Mets.